There is Hope for arthritic knees

Keep the knees that brought you here

Why this works better

Video Fluoroscopy

C Arm

The magic is in the technology. Performing the procedure under fluoroscopy ( live video of the injection ), insures not only that the joint capsule is intact before injecting a medication, but focuses treatment to the right location. Many times when a patient fails treatment, its because the injection was performed without fluoroscopy and therefore it might not have even gotten into the proper joint space or the capsule may have been torn and the Hyalagan ( synovial fluid replacement ) runs right out of the knee and burns down the leg.

Hyalgan Treatment


Because there are different knees AND different insurance companies, we use many different types of hyalgan. Most require a 5 injection protocol but all have excellent track records at quality results

Combining this treatment with Chiropractic


Adding chiropractic to the medical model means treating the joint to provide the needed joint space and fluidity while treating the mechanical and overall functioning of the related joints. To treat the knee without addressing the changes to the ankle and hip doesn't address the complexity of our overall functioning. 


Check out this great video