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  • The Phenix City Spine & Joint Center 
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  • The South Atlanta Joint & Rehab

 Our clinics strive for excellence through superior patient treatment, education and satisfaction. The with 5200 sq ft in Phenix City and the expanded 7500 sq. ft. center in Forest Park our offices are spacious and professional to provide the services and care you need
Our doctors have a different approach to health. You are not sick or healthy; instead, there is a continuum or moving sliding scale to your condition. Every day, you are either moving toward sickness or moving toward ultimate health. Your condition today is based on what you have done to this point to move toward those conditions. Moving from where you are to a healthier place is accomplished by understanding your condition, developing a plan to resolve the "cause" of the problems and not covering up the symptoms, and finally implementing the plan

.We are excited to bring our brand of healthcare to you! Our  treatment facilities provides Chiropractic care, Manipulation Under Anesthesia, Arthritic Pain Intervention, physical therapeutics, accident intervention, functional care including ultrasound, interferential, electric stimulation and physiologic therapeutics. We provide state of the art digital x-ray facilities and chiropractic tables and equipment.  We also perform DOT physicals!

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